This Rolling Stones signed guitar is currently being offered as Item of the Week by Paul Fraser Collectibles. The asking price is £4,500 ($7,100). Here's the link:

What do you think?

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Something looks odd about it to me. But he has a 120% guarantee.......for 5 years on future stock items. Can't beat that. Has several Hendrix, Lennon, Beatles, to trade for.

Why is his guarantee for only 5 years?  Or is that just the 120% part?

Not sure on this... I would leave it!

The curves in the sigs all look the same.  However, most of my Stones Sig's are from the 1980's and 1990's.  I do not have any personal info that is recent.

Invest your money in Wall Street, this is not right

WOW !!!! This is the same dude that forges all the Australian stuff - man this is a complete fake dude... stay away from it what a bunch of CRAP: here is a link to an original Mick Jagger -

I have bad news for you, this are fakes!



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