I have recently purchased two pieces of signed memorabilia from America Royal Arts. I'm a huge Rolling Stones fan and was extremely delighted when a signed Sticky Fingers album became available. The album has become the center piece of my office and the gem of my collection. Within the last few months I have noticed numerous negative blogs and websites attacking the credibility of America Royal Arts, making me become extremely nervous of my collections and it authenticity. Please help me find a way to authenticate, get a second opinion on my piece so that I may put my thoughts to rest.

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Sorry to tell you Ryan, but in my opinion it's not genuine.

Is it because it came from American Royal Arts? Where can I go to get a  professional opinion on the piece, to get authenticated?


Hello Ryan.

It's not because it comes from American Royal Arts. It's because the autographs are not concistent with known examples.

I should contact Roger Epperson, (REAL), for his professional opinion and also get a letter of rejection. That's what I did when I have trouble with something that is not genuine.

Good Luck!


I would try to get a refund ASAP. Sorry man

Does not at all appear to be authentic.  (just my opinion)


The autos look good to me, but because it's America Royal Arts, I seriously doubt it's authentic.

http://auction.toddmuellerautographs.com/Bidding.taf?_function=deta... this went for under $400, just curious if anyone has opinions on this and if I missed a bargain ?



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