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Romy (The XX singer) - Mid Air album bundle with signed print


The signed print only comes with the "super bundle" consisting of both limited vinyl versions, a WAV or FLAC download and the signed print.

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Recordstore.co.uk has the standard black vinyl with a signed print: https://recordstore.co.uk/products/mid-air .

Site can't be found? But it did work just now?

Link still works fine here, and the signed print is still available. You could try going to the front page of the store and search for "romy mid air".

Thanks for you reply.

Are you UK-based? I can put it in my cart, but when trying to check out my cart is emptied after providing the shipping adresse, so maybe it's geo-restricted I guess...

I'm from Denmark. It would indeed appear that the item is geo-restricted to UK (although no mention of this). When I proceed to checkout, my cart is emptied as well. Bummer.

Thanks for your feedback. Since I missed the other bundle, those geo-restricted offers really are quite annoying. Hope it gets available in another store soon!

And the "super bundle"-option seems to be gone too? Sold out after such a short time?

Wow, that was fast. The super bundle was live and in stock when I posted. It seems to be indeed gone completely from the store now.

EDIT: Scalpers already have the super bundle upwards of 75£ on eBay (was ~40GBP on the shop). Scalpers always ruining the fun for everybody else...

New (cheaper) bundle (neon pink vinyl + MP3 download + signed print) available now at €26.99, only 100 copies. Managed to grab one for myself.


Thank you!

Personally signed copies from Banquet. Show as sold out, but I'm not sure they've actually been listed for sale yet.


Has anyone received a shipping notification from the Y-O-U-N-G webshop? I chose the untracked shipping method, but I would still expect a shipping notification. The album has received rave reviews, almost exclusively 5 stars everywhere, so it sounds like we're in for a treat!


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