Rudolph Valentino Signed - Framed picture Stamped or authentic?

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Compare to the one just sold by Juliens as part of the Lefty Gomez auction, lot 6. Same image, same signature, different placement. Stamp strongly suspected.

Thank you so very much for your valued input and time Nick, it is very much appreciated.

No problem, it sometimes is hard to be sure because the pens used in the 10’s and 20’s often resembles stamps. I have seen this particular piece before in person and it was stamped. Most authentic Valentino’s are on checks and contracts, very rarely on images.

I believe this to be a stamp.

Nick is right.  There is no question this is a stamped photograph.  These show up on eBay often.  They do make for a nice, and affordable alternative to a real autograph (as long as one is aware of what they are).


Allen, your reference to the Juliens auction lot from earlier this year got me curious.  I found it:

Juliens specifically states in the description that:

"Valentino inscribed the following message to June (O' Dea Gomez):  'Sincerely Rudolph Valentino'.

The stamped fan photo in this lot offered by Julien's sold for $780.  At that price, if I was the high bidder and found out the truth about it, I'd be pretty sore at Julien's for offering a stamped photo and blatantly representing it as being signed by hand by Valentino.

Oh, wow! I just looked at the Julian’s one and they should be ashamed of themselves. I can’t believe they let a $800 sale go thru on the most routine of stamped Valentino photos. They must have inexperienced people working there nowadays. Thanks for pointing that out Allen!

Also noticed the sale from Julien's and was wondering the same? 

That Julien's lot description of the Valentino should have read:


I noticed the pre auction estimate was listed as $75-100. A legit Valentino auto would sell for much more. I wonder if someone in Juliens knew it was stamped and estimated it accordingly? Certainly no excuse for the description.

The terribly deceptive part of the description is stating explicitly that:

"Valentino inscribed the following message to June..."

Seems like no ambiguity here.  

As far as that estimate of $75-$100, how then did it end up at $780 with only 1 bid showing?  Another example of auction house "cleverness"?

Maybe a reserve that the one bidder agreed to meet? Fully agree this listing has an odor about it all around.



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