Sending items to be autographed at a venue - advice wanted please

Hi there,

I am still getting used to getting items through the mail and from venues. There are a few top artists going to be playing in New Zealand and Australia over the next few months.

A lot of people seem to have success of sending items to the venue that an artist or band are playing and often getting them back signed and this is something I'm keen to explore.

Can anyone offer advice such as who to address items to, is it best to just send them to Bruce Springsteen c/o the venue in question or to find the name of the band or tour manager? 

I will obviously include photos / albums and return envelopes etc for shipping but any other tips and advice would be really appreciated and I'll post up any items I receive.

Thanks in advance,


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Anyone got any advice on this?

From what I know, there's a VERY, VERY small chance that you get something signed by them. I work at a venue and most of the time when people have things for artists it is set aside and whatever is worth anything is donated to charity. 

Find out the tour managers name for the particular artist and address it to them in care of the venue it's all a crap shoot when it comes to sending items to a venue but I've done it and have had pretty good luck. If it's addressed to the tour manager they are most likely to get it rather than addressing it to the band.

Interesting topic. discusses this more than it's been brought up on AML. I finally tried this this week - rising star at a small venue. She's a willing signer as I understand, but I think it comes down to whether the venue.

I've sent things to venues before, but never autograph requests. Typically, if it's a small/medium sized venue, they get to their destination - assuming the envelope/package gets there on time.

I've tried via venue once. I sent two photos to Mike and Bruce from the Beach Boys. I contacted the venue ahead of time, they said they'd pass along the envelope to the band but wouldn't guarantee results.. After the show, the venue told me that my envelopes and letter were left behind, but the photos were gone. That was a couple years ago...

Mark Schull is trying Springsteen for MD.  Curious to see if he gets anything back. 


Well, I thought I'd give it a a go, even though the odds didn't seem too high . . .

But Ellie Goulding signed my photo! I tried to get her autograph after I saw her in Chicago a few weeks ago, but security was just being awful. So I mailed it to Stage AE in Pittsburgh along with a note.

  • I never tried to send a request at venues. In the post I did it for a little while and you can get very nice ones. Beware of secretarial ones... As far as I know Springsteen doesn't send autographs but he is still very easy to get outside his hotels. If he is in the mood he will sign anything,  otherwise you might get the "one per customer" thing! Or nothing at all! 

forget it

dont try it

i spent my life on the road with bands

dont waste  your  time

i wont bother to post the actual time schelude artist are at a vune but its very short and tour managers have so much other stuff to do.

nor will post the amount of stuff they get sent just for there own self and tour persenell at each stop as a venue is considererd there home for the few hours they are there

In general, or with mega heavyweights like Springsteen?

In general, via venue works just fine. It, of course, depends on the artist and the venue (and how they handle their mail). It can be a crapshoot, but it's hardly a dead end.

for big arena arist and large portion of artist they dont have time and are only at the venue for a few hours and have so much to do between soundcheck sleepimg eating press and then leaving right after and mega artist dont even  soundcheck alot of them so they fly in for 2 hours and fly right out.

and it basicaly will never get to them way to much for a tour msanager who gets to a venue at 7am

shows are run like clock work its a businness

Well, if you're trying the Stones or U2, I'm sure it's highly unlikely. The example I posted above a few years ago (Ellie Goulding) was on a major arena tour, and that obviously worked. Again, I think I got lucky with the timing, venue, etc, but it's not always a waste of effort.


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