Had this off punkadict years ago he has 100% feedback over 8,000 what do you think feedback appreciated

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You know someone “quite well” after meeting 5-6 times? This is absolutely a bogus story and pretty “off” signatures
Have a look at him on eBay been selling for years demos press releases so I know he was in the industry as he had so many from that period, has 100% feedback,I had a autograph auction houses punk expert take a look a few years ago who said that 3 were genuine but in his opinion sids varied so much depending on how drunk, out ofit so was hard to tell.

   Never heard of a punk expert authenticator before?  which auction house Phil?

Can't remember off hand he was the punk record expert

How can we look at this individual on Ebay?  I didn't see a link.  Also the provenance, nor the COA, included any contact information.  That is usually a dead giveaway that someone/place doesn't want to stand behind the signatures beyond the first transaction.  It only takes one person that believes the story to take it off their hands

He's been selling for years on eBay thousands and thousands of transactions with not one unhappy customer just type punkadict in search for a member on eBay search

he/she only has 15 transactions in the last year.  none have been from signatures.  I'm guess that is not his/her expertise

Not genuine, IMO.

Still have the single you put me off selling it punkadict is apparently a signature expert see testimonial of a single I bid on that I didn't win he sold it a few years ago regards phil

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