SIGNED 1984 ALBUM COVER- purchased from Forever Legends so that does not bode well

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I don't recall ever seeing anything that was real from Forever Legends. I think they went out of business at least 10 years ago.

it does not bode well

Just got this email from Ebay-

We had to remove your listing because it didn’t follow our Counterfeit item policy. We don’t allow counterfeit items, replicas, or unauthorized copies.

I'm guessing the COA from "Forever Legends" was the kiss of death. Looking at the signatures (and I am certainly no expert) but I thought they all looked very much alike the "real" ones  so how else would Ebay know unless they have a signature expert trolling the listings

someone reported it, every listing has a reporting button.   most of the time, nothing is done.  of course they are close to authentic, that is what forgers attempt, some are better than others.

All four autographs are atypical.

I'm guessing the DLR signature is the easiest to spot as a fake with all the "activity" in the signature- although if you spend 5 minutes in Ebay you can see more than a few different variations of his signature- maybe they are all fake?

I would also think Eddie's may be the easiest to forge?

Eddie’s may not be the easiest to forge, but it is difficult to authenticate.

By "authenticate" I presume you mean to certify it is genuine?  My reason for thinking it's the easiest to forge is that it doesn't have all the loops, crossovers, etc- if you can get the top of the "E" and then the sphere at the bottom, I think you have it pretty much down. Alex's appears very easy to duplicate as well- although in the case of my item, above- it clearly appears Alex's signature is more thin/narrow then the other 3. In looking at some of the other Michael Anthony signings on Ebay I don't know what the hell to call his signature nor how a real one could even be certified. Being that DLR's is I believe the easiest for a non expert like myself to now see is not real- once you verify that is not real it's safe to assume the other 3 are not real either

Eddie’s autograph can change day to day, as opposed to year to year.  That is what makes it difficult to determine authenticity.  Expert authenticators should be able to pick up on certain traits, but they typically do not focus on anything other than the autograph itself.  There are other factors to consider for Van Halen autographs, considering the band’s history.

Such as- how drunk were they possibly when the item was signed?

Ha!  Yes, I suppose that could explain it.  You are absolutely correct about the DLR autograph.  It would not deceive a child.



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