It's been 5 years since we published our first Band-Signed Beatles Album Census.

It's time to update it!

A history of full-band-signed Beatles album prices would be hugely helpful to the marketplace as well, going back as far as we can, so let's build that, too. Not just from auctions, but reports from collectors and dealers who have sold them.

For starters, please read the 2011 Census, which had a few years of updating and other input added by collectors and dealers.

Add your research and commentary to this discussion for now, and as we get more data, we'll post two separate discussions to fine tune it. Once we feel comfortable with the information we have and what we have determined, we'll publish reports that will help collectors and dealers worldwide make better educated decisions on Beatles album sales and purchases.

These are the results of the 2011 census:

US Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums

0 Introducing the Beatles” [Added to list on Sept. 16, 2019]

6-7 “Meet the Beatles”
2 “Help”
1 “Beatles 65”
1 “Beatles VI”
0 “Rubber Soul”
2 “Revolver”
0 “Magical Mystery Tour”
0 “Abbey Road” +1 offered by Autographs for Sale on eBay starting Mar. 16, 2019
0 “Yellow Submarine”
1 “White Album” +1 sold by Tracks in Nov/Dec 2013 for $186,000; +1 more signed for the same person who got the other 2 signed (added 3/13/19)
1 “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
0 “Let it Be”

17 US Albums Known 

UK Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums
Roughly 75 “Please Please Me” (Their first album, signed in three 1963 UK promotional tours)
16-21 “With the Beatles” (The tail end of their easier accessibility) [Editor's Note: 1 since April 2011 added.]
8-10 “Hard Day’s Night”
3 “Beatles for Sale”
2 “Help”
1 “Rubber Soul” +1
1 “Revolver”
5 “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” +1 sold by Bonhams on June 30, 2016
0 “Magical Mystery Tour” (All reissues from the 1980s and up.)
0 “White Album”
0 “Yellow Submarine”
2 “Abbey Road”
0 “Let it Be”

Roughly 113-120 UK Albums Known (38-45 plus roughly 75 “Please Please Me” albums)

Let's do it!

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The buyer of the band-signed "Meet the Beatles" album Dr. Gordon got signed before the Ed Sullivan show and gave to his son contacted me to include it in the survey. He bought it at RR Auction in March 2014 for $120,693.

There's Dr. Gordon's personal copy as well, the one that George inscribed "To Doc Gordon from George Harrison, Thanks for the jabs."

Here's my Beatles For Sale. I've heard that there are 3 of these in existence.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Thanks, Kevin. Very nice! You're right, 3 Beatles for Sale are all we had on the 2011 census. RARE album!

What's the story? How long ago did you buy it, where, how much? As much info as you care to give us would be great. I rotated it and made it a little more compact below.

Hi Steve,

I purchased the album from RR Auction in 2013 for a little over $25,000. It's more than I wanted to pay but I'm delighted because of the scarcity of this signed UK album. I intend to keep this in the family and have willed it to my great nephews and nieces in the hope that when they are ready, it can help pay for college expenses in about 15 years. I also have the original album in it's EMI sleeve and the record's in mint condition.

Does anyone have an opinion about the FMV of this album currently?

All the best,


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for filling us in. I'm surprised it didn't bring more, considering that Please Please Me signed albums can easily bring that. It has some skipping to the signatures, though, which doesn't surprise me considering that it was signed on lacquer.

I don't know what any others have sold for. Maybe someone else knows.

Compare a nice Neil signed Beatles For Sale
Can you point us to it or tell us about it?
I think it worked this time.
Attachments: No photo uploads here
Glad you figured it out! It's hard to post images using iPhones or iPads, because the toolbar doesn't show, unless you use a browser called Puffin.

What's the story on this one?
It was purchased at a garage sale in Toronto about 10 years ago. Apparently it was signed at the Beatles concert in Liverpool Dec. 1965. All those years they thought it was the real thing and were getting it appraised to sell it. It was then that they found out it was signed by Neil. I bought it for a couple of hundred dollars. As far as Neil's handy work goes it's a pretty good one.

It is good. 

I mean a nice example of Neil's work.



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