Hello All,

This signed Christopher Reeve photo is offered by the UK dealer Autogrfica, who is considered here as an honest and reputable dealer. In your opinion, this signed photo is ok?
I would like to add that I sent it to PSA's QO and it came out "Not likely Genuine". However, I feel that this one is actually did signed by CR as I feel that PSA's QO is not the best tool.

What do you think?



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This is not signed by Christopher Reeve. I think PSA nailed this call 100% 

Can you please explain why do you think it wasn't signed by him?



There are dozens of reasons in the signature study above.

Christopher had his pre Superman signature, his slightly altered signature from Superman thru Superman 2, his shortened signature which he used thru the remainder of his signing days, while signing fuller nicer Superman 1 & 2 style signatures for special occasions, people or friends.

The card you opened this post with is.... none of the above. Every letter is formed incorrectly.  

Thank you Pete.

How about this one? 

Again, many thanks for your assistance

Absolutely not!

Thanks. That's what I thought. I just wanted your confirmation...

OK, definitely one last try...LOL

How about this one?

Again, many thanks w about this one?

Look at the signature study, and see how he forms each letter, This is another that I don't believe to be real, just looking at the way the Ch and top are formed.   


Just saw this, if it helps. Here is mine that I currently own which is authentic
Attachments: No photo uploads here
Hey Pete , what do you think of this one?
Attachments: No photo uploads here
I can already help you on that one. It's not authentic

I agree.



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