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Are any of these autographs authentic? Please reply ASAP. Thanks. Supposed to be Robert De Niro, Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Jeff Fahey, Michelle Rodriguez, Daryl Sabara, Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson, Shea Whigham,  and Cheech Marin. Any info helps!

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Awful. All signed by the same person at the same slant no less. They just sat at the kitchen table and scribbled all the names. Similar to the majority of group signed movie posters on ebay.

Here is the seller. Many laughable items active and completed.


LOL they could've atleast switched up their "B" on the Hangover poster

Yep, good thing I didn't fall for their scams.

Good call. Horrible forgeries. The Deniro and Alba attempts are laughable.

btw this garbage is listed by eBay seller loverbumble 

Yeah, I asked questions about the poster too and they said that they "worked on the film and got everyone to sign it at the after party". Yeah right.

Typical eBay scammer loverbumble ripping off naive buyers. This garbage sold for $50+ and the rest of their horrible posters are selling too. Unreal how eBay let's people get away with this. Just blatant garbage.


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