I was wondering if you all think this is real or fake?



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I don't think it's real. Especially roger moore's autograph looks off.

Antiquities is a dirty outfit loaded with forgeries that has been discussed many times on this forum. They use elaborate framing jobs as a smoke screen for worthless, fake items.

that is what I was afraid of. How is this legal with 2 prominent stores in CA and NV?

Lots of forgery operations in the US that thrive, and I think law enforcement is either overwhelmed or indifferent and thinks the best response is "caveat emptor." Coach's Corner, a prime example of a manufacturer of the most laughable forgeries that anyone with even modest experience in the hobby can call out, has made its owners rich through law enforcement's utter ineptness at combating the situation.

Vegas in general just seems like a dead end for any sort of autograph collecting. Loads of dirty operations, scams, fraud, etc.

As fake as it gets, not worth $3.49

It looks like they have a ton of stuff signed by all the Bond actors. Getting Dalton and Connery to sign anything Bond related isn't easy. No way these are legit.


Here's a Moore from last yr......



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