Need some help. Got this from a friend and He bought it a few years ago from a Collector who travelled around the world to get some signatures.

It's signed by Rickhard, David and Nick.

Is it real or fake??

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got these with my brother in Dallas recently...I am gonna keep the cd and one photo and sell the other one on Ebay....here is the photo of him signing for us ......pretty cool.....

Excellent! Lucky you (and your brother)!!! Lovely CD - what year pressing?

Hi Gary, is he still doing one item per person?

Yes, still one per? I am in a (happy) quandary! My collection criterion dictate all sigs must me contemporary to the (usually vintage) signed item. So, that means the Us & Them 2017 poster/flat from the preorder.

But, I have a b/w 1982 still of Waters explaining a scene to Little Pinky and Mum in the garden from the Wall. That - a vintage still yes - but it might not HAVE to bear a 1982 sig. I mean, who has this signed? I've never seen anything like it. Black Sharpie would do. It seems good - Floyd, but really him (The Wall, just him shown, and his pose reminds me of when he is trying to explain rock in the Pompeii video). Click for full image. Something about this photo I like a lot. It is certainly unusual. Sort of behind the scenes. Might go for this. I expect he might be thrilled to see/sign it. Who has seen a photo of Little Pink signed by Roger?

For anyone playing along. I am working on a set of equations that can be modified by each collector to help make decisions that are actually quantifiable and visual. So far, you might know this as my list of "Things to consider when making a purchase" but it has grown considerably to include many, many qualities.

Have to say that these ones are incredibly awful. :( Maybe long row of many people and therefore he rushes them as much as he can? :(

Very nice piece!

Thanks,  Paul.

Here is one of my Gilmours, 2002

And another 1984:

Very nice.  Interesting that in those days his autograph varied rather.  The top one hasn't got as much overlapping of the letters from first to second name.  Rare to see him sign his surname below his first name (on the second one), though I guess he did that due to lack of space.  Thanks.

Here is how his current signature is looking
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I'm really lucky to have 6 Gilmour signatures.  This is the best one, not the best piece, but the best signature, on a publishers proof page from the Shine On box set.  Our friend Paul H has one too, which I've been trying for 2 years to talk him out of :)




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