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Hands up who read that wrong 

Yo! Adrian.. what do you mean ? 

Think we all read it as Sly Stallone for a second... Haha...


Shame about the price tag. He's a legend.


too expensive

I had to get one i grew up listening to Sly so I purchased one from Resident

Wow. Good for him. I read a long time ago that he was living in his car in the Los Angeles area. Hopefully this means he's getting back on track. 

I was thinking the same! 

And I think thats the reason this price is so high...

Anyway ... looking for Larry Graham signed ithems too

Larry has a signed CD on his website for $20. I ordered it about a year or so ago. It shipped quickly and looks really good.

I’m really blown away that he signed these. Just a few years ago, the only way you could find him was by traveling to California and looking for the RV he was living in.


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