I recieved this Spiderman comic signed in 2009, was wondering if someone could help me with their expertise on Stan Lee autographs.  I have seen many examples and need a little help.  Thanks in advance!

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Can we please see an image of the entire item, or just post the issue title and number? That would be helpful and serve to explain two potential tells that may lead some to believe it's inauthentic.

Sure Woody2Shoes.  The comic is from 1978.


Chance of authenticity = 90%. Busy cover, Stan was careful about placement for optimal visibility, and the signature is typical for 2009.

This should pass authentic with flying colors through PSA, JSA, or CBCS.

The angles and character sizes at the extreme ends are slightly off, but due to signing in a tight place, but with no anachronistic tendencies for 2009, a time of great signature flux for Stan, moving from the legible to the often illegible, the marker's telemetry throughout the signature, as well as the general architecture overall is unquestionably 2009 Stan Lee. That's the year of signing I would have pegged this at if not mentioned.

You're OK with this. Shouldn't have a problem authenticating it.

Great! Thank you for your time Woody2Shoes!

Thank you for your time Tim!

L is fine for 2009. Stan did vacillate on his 'L's periodically, post 1980, sometimes the lower case 'l', sometimes the capital 'L'. The trick is knowing how the surrounding letters should approach and recede for each time period! 

The 'S' and the last 'e' are skewed here on this signature, but the length and shape perfectly explainable by limited space, his making a conscious effort to sign within the limitations of the light area, a thing you don't typically see on show signings, or signatures post 2012.

Will do!




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