I am looking to purchase a Miley Cyrus piece it comes with a COA from JSA, Steiner, UACC, and World of Autographs. I know JSA and they are hit or miss with music. Does anyone know about the other companies? I would love thoughts on this piece and the companies. 

Thank you!

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That's a lot of COAs for a Miley Cyrus autograph!

Are they good companies though? I literally know nothing about them and Miley’s autograph is tough and most people on here don’t know her signature lol

Steiner is a solid company. JSA is accurate far more often than not. It appears she is a squiggler so, except for an in person obtained example, this is as good as it gets.

How can i tell if it’s a real Steiner COA I don’t see any numbers?

Ask the seller to provide you with a photo of them or associated documentation. Although, it is possible he/she is only an authorized reseller for their products and he/she is name dropping by association. 

I posted all the coas are they what they’re supper to be?

Stating JSA is far more accurate then they are not is a stretch. On music and celebs they are 50/50 at best.

You said UACC in your post but you said RACC in the title. I changed RACC to UACC, but I wanted to check which one it is.

BTW, RACC is a new service and not widely accepted, but I think they are quite good on modern celebrities.

This isn't from Steiner direct I see. I didn't realize that. You'd need to check with them.

Yes I meant UACC. I am buying this from someone I found online. So I have no idea what the history is just from the information that I have. How does it look to you?

I don’t see a Steiner sticker or COA. Wondering if this is one of those items that they purchase and resale. Seen them offering a lot of PSA, Beckett and other authentication items for sale during their last flash sale.

Steiner is as good as it gets in items they witness and sale. Their resale items I’d be careful of these days. Those are not as rock solid.

Honestly, if that is the best Miley can sign I would not want one. Here again, there seems to have to be a trust beyond the signature itself. Also, I believe that JSA is better than a 50/50 proposition but to each their own opinion. But the listing appears to be guaranteed by World of Autographs with an additional JSA basic cert. Take it for what it's worth.



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