Well, my granddaughter has taken a real liking to the older croc hunter episodes and is trying to start a small environmental group at her middle school raising money to help local wildlife. A handful of kids knocking on doors and working hard to come up with ideas to help their planet. I don't need to tell you how proud I am. Her birthday is coming up, and she isn't a Queen fanatic (lol) but she is interested in some of her favorite actors and athletes. I'm considering getting her this Steve and Terri Irwin piece if this is a fair price and looks to be genuine. They are asking $260 for it. All opinions are appreciated. Thanks

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It's an 8×10 photo and with it being partially stuck to the glass (bottom left corner) I'm hoping to get the seller to consider a lower price. I'd also like to know if that could be corrected or it's a goner. Has anyone had any luck with getting a photo 'unstuck' to glass?

I believe the autographs are fine. The photo stuck to the glass is an issue and a bargaining chip.

You could leave in the frame. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may try to place the frame in the freezer for about an hour and see if the photo can be gently lifted away without damage. BE CAREFUL THOUGH.

Thanks for the advice, Joe. I'd really like to put it in a different display for her along with a little tile she painted at the Australia Zoo last year, so I hope I'd be able to remove it from the frame but I haven't had much experience with that kind of damage to photos. 

I took an interest in this one because I figured I stood a good chance of getting a lower price but I may end up going with another Irwin piece if this one doesn't work out. I appreciate the help!



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