I'm planning on going to Chicago for Aerosmith's show on June 22nd of this year. My 15 year old daughter is a fan. She wants a pic with Steven; could care less about the autograph. I've graphed a lot of places but never Chicago. Does anyone know the most likely place in Chicago Aerosmith will be staying during their stint in Chicago? Does anyone know the best way to meet Steven for a pic with (Hotel, after show, etc.) Will he sign outside of the United Center? Any info someone could provide in regards to seeing Steven would be appreciated. If I can get the pic with for my daughter, I could even get an autograph and send it to whoever can help me. I know you can purchase the meet and greet for $1500, but that's out of my price range.

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Hi Eric.  Just a thought -  There are some excellent in-person autograph collectors on this forum who have probably gotten Tyler at some point.  However, as the band is on tour, I'm thinking that you may actually want to consult fan forums to see if you can get a scouting report on his recent pre-show/post-show signing habits.  Die hard fans may even be able to give you tips on where the band is staying in town.  I'm not sure, but it's possible that the $1500 VIP tickets are going to make Tyler less accessible than normal.  If Tyler has to be in the arena earlier than usual for the paid meet and greets, it could cut into whatever plans he had of meeting fans outside the arena.

Just off the top of my head, knowing nothing about the band's tendencies, I would say you could try to show up at the United Center around 2 or 3 PM.  Wait near the fence by the service entrance (easy to find, I believe on the west end of the building).  U2 came out and signed multiple times in Chicago at the UC in 05, but that's not a guarantee that every big band will.  

Thanks Richard, that information actually helps out a lot. I'll try to find a couple of good fan forums. Neat to hear that U2 came out, and knowing the spot will help. Thanks!


Any other help available?

It's getting close to concert time! Does ANYONE have some infor they could share on Steven Tyler in Chicago? Hotel possibilities, etc.?

Thanks for the reply. They were in Cleveland last night? Joey Kramer just tweeted that they had been driving all night and were two hours away from Cleveland. Who did you see in Cleveland, and were you able to get anyone? Hope so :)

I was thinking they would be leaving Cleveland Tuesday for Chicago. I was assuming they'd leave Chicago on Friday night directly after the concert.

They were in Minneapolis.  Just had a friend who's a huge fan who saw them.  I don't think she was able to meet anyone after the show - if she did, I'm sure I would have heard about it by now.

Hey Mike, thanks for the info! I've friended you and would like to send you a PM in a few.



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