anyone else staving having issues uploading photos? Or maybe it’s just me


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It doesn’t work for me either.

I'll call again. If you can use something besides iOS for now, that should solve the problem. I'll test it again and call in now.

I was able to upload photos into the photo app but that's it. Not blogs or discussions. Until this problem is fixed, what about uploading image into photos and putting a link in to your discussion, blog or comment?

mine just don't upload the right way up even though they are on my computer .

Has that always been like that, Marc? Is it mainly on photos that you rotated before you uploaded them?

This is a network-wide problem that Ning has been trying to fix for several days. Sorry

I used to be able to rotate on my computer than they would go in no problem.  Now if I rotate first it doesn't work  it loads wrong and I have no clue how to rotate on the board once its loaded 

You can't rotate once uploaded, but the issue might be that you rotated it on your computer in the File Explorer (PC). That doesn't do as good a job saving the changes than if you rotated it in the computer's photos app and saved it.

Try that and see if that works.

Same problem here as well, it used to load super fast now it doesn’t work at all

They're working hard to fix the problem. Very complicated it turns out. Very sorry for the inconvenience. 

No worries 


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