Greetings friends old and new! Been a bit out of the game recently, but lurk on occasion, and it's good to be back! I've been given the opportunity to acquire this nice Stripes cast signed album page with John Candy, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and "Lighten up, Francis," Sgt. Hulka, Warren Oates.

Been wanting a Ramis for a good long while, but he's heavily forged, as is Murray. I know what I think of this, but wanted to see if anyone else had more experience with Candy & Murray, and maybe Oates. There's a ridiculously overpriced poster with a set of graphs on eBay that line up nicely with these that also purports to be from an album page signed in the 1980's. 

Thanks to anyone that be able to help out, nice to be back!

P.S. Even on the high res closeups, it looks like the pen is lifted at the back end of Bill Murray, but I've seen it in person and it's just a glop of ink. You can see it happen again at the bottom of the loop, it's just a pen that refused to cooperate completely that day. And perhaps the same pen Candy used?

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