I started this thread to gather information on Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett signatures to hopefully determine just how rare or common he is to collect. 

As well as hopefully determine current market values.

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no clue but im friends with his old flat mate

that's pretty darn cool.

One of my other questions is...

How did Mick Rock convince Syd to sign 320 copies of his 2002 book "Psychedelic Renegades"?

Buy this time Syd was so far into reclusive life and so far away from the Floyd and was never into commercialized ventures, that I find it hard to believe he would do these signings. He certainly didn't need the money as he died a millionaire. 

I have other questions, but will ask later

Hi Cat, I sent you his family contact. Here are some words below by Mick Rock that address your question. From the very little I have seen, those books signed "Barrett" in 2002 appear good. I would be interested in other opinions.

I never had any personal contact with Syd after that. But then, in 2002, when I was producing my book, Psychedelic Renegades, Syd agreed to sign a number of copies. He didn’t sign them ‘Syd’, which, of course, wasn’t his real name. He was back to Roger by then. I like to think that the reason he agreed to sign the books was because he liked my pictures and retained a lingering affection for me." - Mick Rock

Thanks Eric.

It just seems so far fetched that Syd would sign after about 30 years of no contact w/ Mick or anyone else from his musical past. He wouldn't even talk about his music past w/ family!!!Maybe they are Legit, I'm not really going to dispute that yet. But why and how and who got him to do this? Syd signing 320 sigs is a huge moment in time. Hell, I'll bet there aren't 320 other sigs known to exist. AND... All of these sigs are relatively similar in composition. That's another red flag. I have a hard time believing he could write his name 320 times in a similar manner. And if he did sign all 320... how long did it take to complete? None of it makes sense to me.

What do have for exemplars from this time period 2002? How many samples are you working with? That the signatures are similar in composition or form as you say - that would be expected, no? And this is so long after other samples, apart from his personal books. If he was coached, or agreed to a certain format which I think he must have, how would this show? Over what time period were these signed? As I said, I have seen very little, but the "Barrett" you said is genuine in chat appears the same hand as this to me. More opinions needed.

I have only 1 sig example dated 2002 and around a dozen signature examples dating from 1960's to 2006. And some are only initials of RB only. And not one is Barrett only. 

Its not the fact that I do not have enough examples... It's more the fact that they are so difficult to find. And that's why my first question was how many are known to exist? Unless he was signing bank cheques, the only sigs available (post 1974ish) are the ones in his books and paintings from his estate. Although I do have 1 from 1975.

Its not like he was a signature whore like many artists. And his time of success was very short lived.

Its the whole process of making Syd sign 320 times that I find difficult to believe. And it's that story I am more interested in, over trying to prove whether they are Legit by studying his hand . Because it's the story that will define the answer. And I can only assume that it's Mick Rock and associated people to this book that hold the key. 

Do you understand what I mean?

And do not ask me to post any signature examples. I will not feed the forgerers. 

Stories often amount to just that, a story. I don't say in this case. Either way, I would be guided by known exemplars and ink. The sample you mention is just not enough to work with. Hit all cylinders - write the family at the address provided, contact them on FB, search known auction results such as Cheffins and the others, seek out any other data from Rock and reconcile with the known exemplars. This thread is a good start. Seamus obviously would be a good man to consult as well as the other folks here in with knowledge. 

I would hate to think it takes almost 15 years to identify any problem signatures. The re-sale results of the 2002 books can yield some limited information. From what I have seen, the 2002 books appear to be genuine Barrett signatures - especially compared the the one you called good last night. I will watch this thread - this is a good topic.

I need to make a correction. I actually have 31 examples of Syd Barrett signatures (dating from 1967 to 2006) and a few hand written pages from his note books. 

This is the reply from Syd Barrett family site to me.....

Hi Shawn


Thanks for your query

I deal with queries and content for the website and social media


As for your question about signatures – I really cannot answer that  as we really don’t know how many items Syd signed

Other than items such as the Mick Rock book there is no real record of his signatures.

He will have signed various items for fans who knocked on his door for example.


As for the Mick Rock book – YES he did sign a set of them ( or at least sign front sheets which were inserted into the book

I think that was done simply as a result of his lasting friendship with Mick and nothing more

It was certainly not for any commercial interest


I hope this helps at least a little


Kind regards

This response align with the Mick Rock quote in my first post. I did not expect that email I gave to yield such fast results! Good deal. Still, I would be guided by the ink and whatever else you can gather.  

It was a nice response and am grateful for it. And it let's me know there are more sigs out there. 

He's a tuff one to collect.

BUT... I now find it odd that I've come across 7 itmes for sale in the past 2 weeks. Why are these things becoming available all of a sudden. Many people have said his items rarely come up and are far and few between. I see some pieces are actually from Syd's note books that have been torn out and sold in pieces. This is rather disturbing and sickening to break up these works and I wish the owner's would give their head a shake and not be so damn greedy and destructive. 

So many questions haha

The "Barrett" book from the UK is a nice item. 



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