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UPDATE 1-26-2022: It took some time, but was able to get it to the Authenticators. They inspected it and it is Authentic, received the paperwork, COA with hologram, so it was a great weekend. I am so thankful to GOD for the blessing too. They also said they showed it to all their music colleagues and they loved it too. Just wanted to give a update. Everyone have a Blessed rest of the week.


New to the Forum and glad to be part of it. Your help would be Greatly Appreciated. My wonderful Parents saved their hard earned money & bought me this great Phil Collins autographed tambourine as a Christmas present, I was so surprised & Love it. Also do you all recognize this company ? The company they purchased it from said they have 25 years experience in the business and have ads showing they put on autograph collectible events & at the events JSA authentication will be there. The company is called Championship Caliber out of Florida, they have had tons of instruments & etc autographed items on Etsy & etc sites. The autographed Tambourine came with their COA which is really neat & like a plastic credit card. I would love to have other opinions of the authenticity, so again your help would be so appreciated.

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I've never heard of the company, but Collins often did sketches like that with his autograph. It looks real.

Josh, Thank You So Much for your reply, I appreciate it. I sure do hope & Pray it is real because it cost my Parents a lot, but the Phil Auto Tambourine means so much to me.

I’m a little concerned about this. A number of years ago, Phil did a self caricature that was printed on ceramic tiles for charity. This was the only time as far as I know that he wrote that line about his ever decreasing hairline. I hope I’m wrong, but that looks like it was copied.

Look here: http://www.artnet.com/magazineus/features/jones/jones4-12-06_detail...

Well spotted.

Yes, every single line is copied.

I wondered, also, why it was done with two different pens. 

Hello Mikex, Thank You for your reply, I appreciate the help. I am so worried now.

Hello John, Thank You for your information, I appreciate it. I didn't know that was the only time he signed like that. I had seen a Tambourine signed with that type of inscription a few months ago on the internet and just assumed he did sign like that a few times. That is the one (ceramic tile) photo I had found on the internet and compared my Tambourine to it so I just figured since my was similar it was real. I am so worried now.

It's the same one. Yours is probably a print

G G- sorry to bring bad news, but I’ve been looking at the tambourine photo all morning, and every single line on the tile drawing is reproduced on the tambourine. That’s impossible. Someone copied it. You need to get your parent’s money back.

Hello Mikex & John, Again I appreciate both of your information. I am so devastated & in tears. If it isn't real I hope & Pray the company (Championship Caliber) will give the money back. I have heard of Roger Epperson and was thinking of letting him check it out.

G G- I truly feel for you. I hate to see someone taken advantage of, and your parents meant so well by buying this. If they paid with a credit card, they may be able to dispute it. The company that sold it doesn’t seem to have a website. You definitely should try and fight this.


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