UPDATE 1-26-2022: It took some time, but was able to get it to the Authenticators. They inspected it and it is Authentic, received the paperwork, COA with hologram, so it was a great weekend. I am so thankful to GOD for the blessing too. They also said they showed it to all their music colleagues and they loved it too. Just wanted to give a update. Everyone have a Blessed rest of the week.


New to the Forum and glad to be part of it. Your help would be Greatly Appreciated. My wonderful Parents saved their hard earned money & bought me this great Phil Collins autographed tambourine as a Christmas present, I was so surprised & Love it. Also do you all recognize this company ? The company they purchased it from said they have 25 years experience in the business and have ads showing they put on autograph collectible events & at the events JSA authentication will be there. The company is called Championship Caliber out of Florida, they have had tons of instruments & etc autographed items on Etsy & etc sites. The autographed Tambourine came with their COA which is really neat & like a plastic credit card. I would love to have other opinions of the authenticity, so again your help would be so appreciated.

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Wow. That’s surprising considering the extent of the similarity between the three examples. The odd thing is that the one in the OP appears for some reason to separate “decreasing” into two words, while the one that was thought to be the original doesn’t. Anyway, congrats if they’re correct. I hope they are.

BallroomDays67, Sorry just seen in my email about the replies, not sure why it wasn't in my inbox. I was so worried and had tried to prepare myself for bad news, but when they told me the wonderful news I was ecstatic. When they said they didn't just look it all over/inspect it, but their music colleagues too was a blessing to hear. I even heard from the Vice President of the great leading authentication company. I let them know I couldn't express how much I appreciated it. I am so thankful to God for this wonderful Blessing. BallroomDays67 Thank You for the congratulations, I appreciate it.

G G-

I have a contact in Phil Collins’ office, I sent the photo and they said it is legit! Very happy for you!

Beatles410, Sorry I didn't see there was replies until now in my email for some reason. I really appreciate it, Thank You So Much. I was so worried and when they said it was real and had their music colleagues look/inspect it too, I was ecstatic and just about cried. The Phil Auto Tambourine is a cherished piece, for two reasons my wonderful Parents bought it for me and it is signed my Phil which I have been a fan since I was 6 years old in 1986. God has really Blessed me and I am so very Thankful. That is so marvelous that you have a contact in Phil Collins’ office. I very much appreciate You having Phil's people check out my photos of the Tambourine, that just makes my year. Have a Blessed weekend. Thanks Again & God Bless


Stephen Woods, Thank You So Much, I really appreciate it. Have a Blessed weekend.



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