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Anyone else still missing their orders in the UK?

One of my orders was supposedly dispatched on 25th Oct, the other I've had no shipping notification at all. Messaged the store twice but had no reply.

Has anyone filed with a claim with their bank/PayPal and had success?

Absolutely fuming! Gutted to of missed out on this :(

See my earlier post on the thread.  I had to really fight to get three of the four CDs I ordered, then I continued to fight for compensation for the CD they failed to honour.

I called the distribution centre in Milton Keynes.  The manager there emailed the customer service team on my behalf, to get my case escalated.  That only got me so far.

Eventually, I went to my credit card company, to start claim proceedings.  My next email to UMUK laid out the formalities of my claim and also informed them that I would be contacting Trading Standards.  In the end, they refunded my entire payment.  I think they’d have done anything at that point just to make me go away.

You have to get tough with them, or they’ll continue to ignore you.  Good luck.

Thank you for your reply. I will call my bank tomorrow - wish me luck!

They’ve got £130 off of me & I’m not letting them get away with it! 

That’s the spirit, Kate.  You work hard for your money, and no one has the right to take that from you without providing the correct goods or services in return.  I outright called them thieves (and worse) in my final message to them — the one that prompted the full refund.

Your bank will advise you on exactly what to say and what timescale to give them.  There is certain legalese you should use, if you want to dispute a card payment.  But be sure to mention Trading Standards regardless; that always makes shady companies panic.

Good luck, and do keep us updated here.

Yes they claim one set was dispatched at the beginning of the month but never turned up.

The second set I was waiting on they cancelled last week saying they over sold.

looks like Taylor restocked some of her past signed Cds but they didn't last long, I saw people saying at least Folklore and Evermore were there briefly. wish I had been watching because I decided to try to get them all now that I have all of the midnight versions. Red is the only other one I have

Edit: here is a screenshot someone posted so apparently they were there. hopefully they add some more


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