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1 per customer limit - $25, get them while you can:


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can someone plze post to the uk? 

I’ve used viabox so postage is $4 to there and then between $20 and $30 to UK

Super awesome. Been extraordinarily unlucky getting signed Taylor Swift items. That changed today. Thank you.

Cheers, no international shipping so fingers crossed these are legit as having to use viabox 

Swift's have always been legit, she does this for each release.

I tried Shipito to get this to Europe - hope it works!

Sold out. That was quick.

Very quick indeed. But I'm not surprised :D

Oh well I missed out

Hmmmm UMG .... Are these going to be real or fake?? 

I know you say she always signs stuff for real....... Dua Lipa Used to.... and Gaga.... and all the other UMG fakers.....

I missed out anyway by the time i had to update my shipping address to My USA Stackry one - even though it said worlwide shipping.... they had sold out when checking out on the final page! 

The ones sold in stores have all been legit, every past release she has done has been legit, no reason to believe otherwise for these.

Taylor online Store just got more.



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