Opinions? Pretty early cream signatures.  The Clapton looks pretty damned good but I do t dont know enough about Bruce & Baker

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Memorabilia Uk sold it to Tracks uk and then sent to RRauction. Real, but my set is better. Ciao

Please post pic then.

This is the one he has if I'm not mistaken.  Which is nice, dont get me wrong, but I like how the "r" in Eric is more pronounced in this one.  I've only seen a couple others like that

What do you think of this Clapton from the same era?

I personally think it looks great.  I've never seen the "i" shorter like that but im by no means at all an expert

Actually now that I looks in my photo archive I do see plenty of instances of the short "i"

All autographs are real in this post.

I dont think anyone was saying they weren't? That last one you posted is great too, is that yours?

  • No the last one isn't mine, but is very very similar to my clapton signature in the Cream set




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