The difficulty of recognizing a genuine Michael Jackson's autograph

Apart from the Michael Jackson's "vintage autographs" (with the letters), is it really possible to be categorical about the authenticity of an autograph by this artist ?

For my part, unfortunately, I don't think anyone is able to 100% certify that a Michael Jackson autograph composed entirely of "waves" is real or not.

It's taking a great risk to be categorical about the authenticity of this type of Michael jackson's autograph, and to establish a COA.

If you consider Bryan from "The Signature Library" ( to be a solid source, take a look at these autographs signed over the same period:

They are so different that it's almost impossible to find common characteristics on all of these autographs from the last years of the singer's life.

It's for this reason that personally, I will never buy autographs from 2000's, unless I know the source, because I will never be completely convinced of its authenticity.

If I didn't know the source, I would have labeled a lot of these Bryan's autographs as fake. 

I would like to know your opinions on this subject.

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I agree with you, the 2000´s years autographs are really difficult to recognize, which is real and which is not.
there are now so many on offer that were signed during this period.
That's why I bought two Autographs from MJ that were signed in the 80s.

I don't like any of them. I prefer the early '80s

Totally agree, the 80s signatures have more substance

Bryan Ulrich from The Signature Library got all of them in-person. Imo he is by far the best Michael Jackson autograph seller. I bought one of his autographs last year, he is incredible. Excluding 2/3, all of them above are absolutely perfect 2000s autographs, even without knowing the source. Bryan is a bit more expensive than ebay for example but you get an authentic high end autograph.

I absolutely agree that 2000s autographs are easier to forge and a bit more difficult to authenticate but if you post autographs you have concerns with in the Michael Jackson Forum, many people can tell you easily if it's authentic or not. This should not be the problem :)

Yep only problem is his price ..$2000 - $3000 for a signed photo is a bit steep

The price is ok If you consider how many fakes are on the market, and you get a real one for this price then it’s completely okay in my opinion.

Yeah suppose if the provenance is there it's worth it...who would you say has more credibility as an ip collector...Werhmann or ulrich??

I think I have a good opinion of Jackson's autographs from his early days until the 90's, but I think, and this is my opinion, that it's almost impossible to say "for sure without any possible doubt " if a 2000's autograph is a real... No matter who gives me their opinion, the benefit of the doubt will always exist. If the source is reliable, like Bryan or Werhmann, well, it might be expensive, but that's the price of authenticity.

I still have my signed Jackson 5 album if anyone is interested. Just message me.

Post it on here please



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