Hi all. New to this forum. I bought this set of elektra promo pics with signatures. They were mounted in a frame. I do have the full set of elektra press promo photos that were of more recent times. These 4 are definitely vintage compared to the fore mentioned. All that said, I have no idea if they are the real deal. I foolishly smeared the Robby signature in my efforts to confirm that they were indeed live signatures which they are. I know that The Beatles had an office where staff would sign items on behalf of the Fab Four so it might be that what I have were similarly signed on behalf of. I would appreciate your feedback 18CC33CB-E600-4080-90C5-E8DA72536158.jpeg

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One interesting point of note is that the pen used on the Morrison is not the same as the others. The Ray signature appears to have used a finer tip than the others. Robbie and Johns are possibly of the same pen or similar, but the Morrison uses a more bold and thicker sharpie so it would appear. Cheers

Well, I don't have Morrison, Hendrix or anything but here are a few favorites:

Spine tingling to see. Thanks for sharing. How do you store them? 

Oh thank you! :) I store in Polypro archival sleeves in a binder for now. I do have other music - Gilmour, Waters IP, Yorke IP, Corgan, Anderson (Laurie), & Kraftwerk but I adore vintage Hollywood. I have a nice "Fued" set of Davis in All about Eve signed 1950 and Crawford in Sudden Fear 1954. 

Is it true that James Dean equates to the most desirable auto from post silver screen? 

I wonder how much a full set of autos of from the Wizard of Oz would be worth?!

Very cool stuff Eric...

Thanks Jack - I missed the rest of this thread - sorry.

The Judy Garland is as good as it gets. How collectible is Clark Gable?

Thank you Hyacinth! I love it.

The Doors signatures are not real they have all been done by a secretary 

A very talented secretary in that case because I have had them authenticated from Roger Epperson who stated that he has seen two similar sets and he believes them to be authenticate. But thanks for your opinion 

Look I’m not been funny the Jim Morrison’s autograph does not look right, You can look at it and pretend it’s real and get somebody to write you a COA if that makes you feel better but it doesn’t look right.

As for Roger Epperson I don’t know the guy or had anything do with him all I’ve seen is his name on some of the COA’s I’ve seen in the past and he doesn’t always get it right.

Epperson authenticated this Brian Jones handwritten letter and this Rolling Stones album all fake there done by an American forger 


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