Hey there, I got this autograph by a collector my dad has known for years. He told me, that he had been on a concert in Germany in the late 60s and received the autograph signed by all members in person. I can't even find out anything about the postcard the signatures are on, except that a german printing company printed it, but it looks authentic.
Can you help me find out if this is a real signed card with all 5 members on it (including Brian Jones)? Thanks in advance!


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I wont comment on authenticity, but a point to note is if it was a late 60s Keith would have signed Richards not Richard.
That's not true, "In 1963 their band manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, dropped the s from Richards' surname believing that "Keith Richard", in his words, 'looked more pop'.[3]:63 In the late 1970s Richards re-established the s in his surname." (Quoted from Wikipedia)

the history around what was placed on album covers and official releases you have stated I will not argue with, but all I can suggest is a bit of extra research into known and genuine late 60s Stones autographs and you will see the vast vast majority of Keiths are signed with the inclusion of a 's'.

Didn't want to question your knowledge, I just thought he signed "Richard" because that was the commonly known version of his name. But thank you for your reply!

Sorry hate to pop your balloon, its not authentic and the Brian Jones attempt is very poor indeed. 

Ok, thank you anyway! At least it was free, guess now I know why... the next couple of days I will post further authenticity requests, all autographs from the same collector. I'm curious how often I got fooled

no good




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