Hello, I need your help with this autograph of Andrew Lincoln selled by Cardboard Legends thanks. This is a real deal? Is certificated by GA steve Sipe.

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Here are two Andrew Lincoln examples that are highly likely to be authentic. They do not compare well with the questioned item IMO.

I agree. These 2 both look like they could likely be authentic. The main difference is that these would be from sit-down signings. The original Lincoln in question is not from a sit-down signing. It is more abbreviated as are my in-person signatures. I have acquired multiple Lincoln signatures over the last few years and have never been able to get him to write an inscription of any type due to me being part of a crowd. He signs and moves on to the next person. On a side note, just compare the 2 signatures above to each other ... they too are substantially different.

I have noted the difference in signatures. I could be wrong, but chalked it up to change in style over time as he got more and more requests. To me, the additional writing on both had a similar feel and flow. And the one above does have a washed dedication. Guess I'll study them more. :-)

Steve, take a look at how these inscriptions match up to your two examples

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Here is another inscription example

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I mis-read Mike's statement and thought he wrote my signatures were "too substantially different." Meaning... they were done in different hands. Sorry for any confusion.

Anyway, it did cause me to do some comparisons. It's interesting how the "Big Zombie Love" inscription seems to accompany one style of signature and "Best wishes from the apocalypse" tends to accompany another. Could simply be the inscriptions he typically added changed over time with the signature style. 

In any case, I believe the examples you shared Robert are completely consistent with the examples I shared. 

I agree Steve and I now know a lot more about lincolns style. Who knows, I might just buy one



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