Anyone got The Who during their recent/current tour, especially in the UK? I've heard they have signed here and there (even Roger, who refused every single time last year)... Would love to hear some stories or tips how to get them!

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Heard  both signed in Manchester have never got roger so he must have been in a good mood the guy from meet the stars has got a couple of LPs signed by both I assume in manchester

They've both been signing. Attached are some from last few weeks via a few different collectors on RACC.
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Yeah, those 2 LPs are mine. Got them both in Sheffield last Monday. It's still not easy to get them to sign but at least Roger is back doing business so it's worth a try!

Ah.. there ya' go.

The last time I saw Roger was a few years ago, he acted like I wasn't there when I asked him.

Happy to see he"s being okay again.

Pete got out from his car by the gate after leaving the venue and signed a bunch. Roger was even in a better mood, rolling down a window and joking with fans while doing one each for like 10 of us still waiting. I've heard they also signed on their way in. So yeah, indeed they are more or less relaxed at the moment.

I love when the legends are happy and signing. :)

The sigs look great!



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