Thoughts on this James Gandolfini graph? PSA/DNA certified but not in their system

So was contemplating buying this autograph of James Gandolfini, it's psa/dna certified but upon looking it up to verify it's not showing up & I contacted psa/dna about that and they said they'd have to look at the autograph so would have to send it in.  I don't get how if it is certified it doesn't get put into their system straight away, anyway outside of getting it, sending it in & then coming back as fake. I wanted to ask people's opinion if this looks like a gandolfini or if the whole thing is a forgery. Any information greatly appreciated. thanks 

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I'd pass on the purchase if I were you, Marty. I think it's a forgery. First of all, allegedly being PSA authenticated but not being in the system is a huge red flag. Could be a clerical error of course, but more likely it's seller shenanigans.

Secondly, the signature looks nothing like my JSA pic. or my Donruss Fans Of the Game autographed insert card.

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thanks for the reply, yea luckily i've been trying to do research where as ages ago i would've assumed it was legit but looking up the number and not seeing it in their database threw me off too so yes I think i'll pass on it.

he did sign sloppily at times, especially in a crowd when he rushed to sign many, but the letter formations here are off



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