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It says the first thousand are signed but when you put it in your cart it doesn't say if you are in that parameter.

I pre-ordered the new korn album the minute it came out just received it 2 days ago said the same thing 1st thousand signed,didn't get nothing :( wish they would say it in cart ur def right about that!!

Got mine today. Tracking said signed. It was not

I ordered 2 albums. Both had signed liner notes with gold sharpie sigs. They appear original. Check yours.

Just found it, thanks. 

I had ordered this a long time ago and fortunately in this case my c.c. expired. So I have been ignoring the emails to update my purchase until someone got it. Happy that you didn't get skunked but I think I am just going to cancel mine. This is another that was sort of falsely advertised. I don't get it these days. Vinyl on average takes about 9 months from when the plant gets the audio to the finished product. So there is ample time to get the covers printed and have them signed and actually returned to have the record inserted and shrink-wrapped. Taylor Swift has done it for thousands of CD's. Just no excuse to advertise it one way and send out something different.

Yup. And they're fighting with me about it, Saying it's signed and won't give me a label. 

I got the CD from Newbury today. It is a booklet and it is signed in silver sharpie by the 4 guys in each corner of the front. Super nice and looking exactly like I am sure everyone here would want to get everything. I will post a picture if it ever gets to my email from my phone.



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