Hi Everyone,

I have a Tom Brady signed helmet that got smudged during shipping. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning or sharpening this up? I’m not sure, I may be out of luck…

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Nothing you can do that I know of... any kind of "fix" just won't look natural. Id say its best to just leave it alone.. 

Send it back. I'm sure you spent a lot on it. Get one that reflects what you paid.

Unfortunately that’s not an option as this was my fault.

I wouldn't touch it. it is what it is.

Thanks for the responses. I suppose my next question would be, would this have much of a resale value in anyone’s opinion?

I have purchased smudged autographs in the past because the smudge didn't bother me and the price was right. But I did get a pretty big discount for them. This still has value but not as much as a clean autographed helmet for sure. I dont know the market for Brady but it all depends on the buyer. If you were to resell, it stick it on ebay at 90% of what others go for, accept offers and test the market for a while. People will try to low ball you. But some may be fair. You don't have to accept any, it could just be for research to see what others would be willing to pay. The right buyer may come along though. 



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