Reaching out to my fellow autograph experts!  I have just put all my signed photos which were in top loaders over the years into Itoya portfolios.  They are obviously more flimsy than a top holder but been told Itoya's are better for overall preservation of the photo and signature.  Any opinions on this one is greatly appreciated!

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Yes, same here. Itoya sleeves are polypro, which is better suited for protecting both the autograph and the photo itself. Toploaders are better for temporary storage (i.e. easy mailing). Lower quality pvc toploaders can pull signatures right off photos.

I have never had an issue with toploaders.  I would, however, like to transfer all of my signed photos into Itoya Original Art ProFolios one day.  I agree with Rich about the better protection.  It is also a better way to enjoy an autograph collection by giving the collector an opportunity to flip through the pages.

I have received glossy photos that the toploader took off part of the autograph just during the time when the autograph was in transit. It is rare, but it happens on glossy photos if they press too close to a toploader. Because of this, when I ship an autograph, I usually cut a piece of plastic from a regular sleeve and put it between the autograph and the toploader to play it safe. I would recommend the same thing for long term storage.

I use Itoyas for 11x14 and up. 



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