Can we open this up anytime soon?

There is a lot of trust in this group and I would rather deal here than ‘bay or ‘book?

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It's there in the top header since a couple of months, but does not have many active users yet.

Do I have to get approved for each group?

I like this idea. I have a couple things I want to trade 

I'm also interested in trading some extras I have. I would love it if everyone had their own set page they could post what items they are willing to part with. So everyone can browse eachothers page.. wishful thinking. If anyone wants to discuss this more, DM me. Im located in Illinois. Ill try to put together a small list of extras I have later this week

That’s a good idea

I agree. There are some Supreme Court Justice autographs I am looking for and eBay has slim pickings or their stuff is way too overpriced. I would love to trade/buy from fellow collectors here. 

Have you been in and looked?



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