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There was a signed vinyl for $150 numbered 1/40 but sold out I think.

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I bought the box set on RSD earlier this year. Wasn't signed but it was only like $100/150 tops. So they must think pretty highly of themselves to add an extra $500+ for the autographs.

3 handwritten songs plus a signed vinyl

It is the exact same box set. The lyrics and cartoons are copies. Not actually handwritten or drawn per each one. The only difference in what I got and this is it is signed on the front and a lot more money.

Ahh then not that great of a deal at all. I got one of the vinyl

Definitely the way to go. I kind of felt I overpaid with what I spent on it unsigned. Was one of those in the moment impulse purchases since RSD is like a lot of things we all try to get on here. They go quick and if you hesitate they will be gone.

I opened this post thinking it was a Robert Smigel autograph for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Kinda disappointed.

Gil's a nice guy - I'll probably end up picking this up. He actually runs a studio here in the city I live in.

Edit: $845?!? Maybe I'll ask him to sign something next time I see him.


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