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Troye Sivan - Something To Give Each Other Signed Artcards with CD and Vinyl

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Was just getting ready to post this

Thanks! The new song "Rush" is really good, maybe this year´s summer smash hit?!

Newbury has it now too but it says signed postcard


Bravado (Germany) has standard and deluxe CD and various bundles with CD/vinyl with a signed postcard: https://www.bravado.de/p50-a157227/troye-sivan/index.html

Still looking for the deluxe signed in Europe, to avoid VAT values… the Spain one is sold out 😕

My only problem with bravado is the shipping price to Portugal 😞 almost the same price as the CD… when it’s a vinyl it’s a good price, but not for a single CD… but maybe I’ll buy from there in the end. 

Thank you for sharing 😊

thanks for posting the image--

hmmm, different image than what he's shown signing above, so it is a random set of 3 different cards--

I assume from the US Store's CDs, as I received mine on Wednesday, but have yet to open.


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