Give me your opinions on this, REAL or FAKE ???

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Lets take a guess here. A coa from"Death Row records"? Seems the fakes all have them. 

These pieces in my opinion are all fake. As soon as I see the lyrics in that handwriting I run. 

So are you saying this is real? Because I have seen more than 2 and from what I understand the ones I tracked came back forgeries from PSA and a few other authenticators. All had the BS Death Row coas that where made quite some time after Pac passed. 

I find it hard to imagine a criminal (Suge Knight) sat down PAC to sign a ton of stuff (all the things I seen with these BS death row coas). I am almost certain last time I seen this poster (or one like it) it had a Death Row COA. If not I have seen TONS of stuff inscribed exactly like above with a DEATH ROW COA that was printed on someones home computer. I doubt highly the guy who was in out of jail, lost his entire record label, and is fighting tax problems is a reliable authenticator of Pac signatures as all of these COAS have suges names on it. If they even come from him at all. I just dont see Pac being told by suge to sign a bunch of stuff to put in a vault so he can sell them in 15 years. If it was a few things fine, but literally I have seen hundreds of items with this worthless death row COA. 

When I spoke to a few people I know over at interscope records (who is also listed on the coa) they said they never authorized the use of their logo on the COA nor do they authenticate autographs/video used items and they had a bit of an issue with this but did not know who to contact. I am not sure what they did after I contacted them, since what really can they do?

I agree with everything you said. Thank you for passing along some information, all it can do is good things. More information means better informed collectors. 

So you agree his Makaveli Poster is authentic even without a COA?

Not at all. I am saying I have almost certainly seen this poster (or one like it) with a death row coa in the past. Does that mean this is fake? No, but it also dont mean its real. So in short, I have no idea, but I do know the ones I seen with a death row COA where forgeries and this looks a whole lot like it.

I personally wouldnt touch it as it would always be a question of if its real or not. Which is not something you want in your mind or collection. 

Could you upload a large image of the poster please? It's way too small to get an idea of authenticity from.

If real it is awesome but there have been several of these deemed fake by other members.

I'm almost positive someone else on this forum asked about this same poster in recent months.

If this is authentic as you claim I can see glaring problems when comparing the regular handwriting to the first one in this topic. For one I see tons of complete differences in the regular handwriting. Was pac know to change his style of writing? And I mean change as in use different styles of lettering? 

He was shot in 94, He was only 25 when dead. He sign on streets, in hotels, restaurants, clubs ... staying, sitting lets quess :) 

First off he died in 96 maybe you want to authenticate your information lol

Yes and none of which I can see him standing there and writing an entire songs verse on a poster while on the streets, hotels, restaurants. Let alone changing his handwriting COMPLETELY. Besides the dude was a target, I hardly think he had enough time to stand outside and write a VERSE on a poster. 

And if you look below I think you have something to straighten out. 

If he signed that much, why is his autograph so rare and expensive? I thought he didn't like signing.



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