I just came across these two Madonna items. I would love your thoughts on them. 

Thank you!

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I may be too cautious but I am not convinced on the True Blue. The second one is not clear enough for me. It's also not in the condition worth owning, imo.

Kamran is the best on Madonna. May want to contact him.

In my opinion, I think the True Blue is authentic, and the second may be, but it’s too hard to tell on that one.  As Joe says, Kamran is the one to get in touch with.

And my opinion may be like totally (how’s that for an 80’s touch) shot down once Kamran opines!  Lol.

Thank goodness for Kamran! I always defer to him.

Just my thoughts, but the signature seems a little small on the True Blue album compared to what I'm used to seeing. The second signature is more in line size wise. 

Excellent point, Joe.  I hadn’t even thought of that.  But you’re definitely right about the size of her autograph normally being much larger than that.

I think the True Blue one is authentic; other one I have doubts on. 




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