My hunt for an authentic MJ autograph continues... :-)

The photo comes from a UACC and AFTAL dealer but as I have learned, that doesn´t have to mean much. And the signed paper is supposedly signad by MJ for a visitor of Neverland Ranch...

Are these good or bad?

Thanks for helping!

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I think the autograph on Neverland paper looks good.

Hope more educated on MJ will share their opinion.

Thanks Eddie!

Anyone else? That would be much appreciated!

Unfortunately, I don't think that either one is genuine. 

I would agree to that

Thanks for helping Steve and A.B.!!

Can´t say that I´m surprised regarding the signed Neverland-paper. It´s on sale on eBay from some unknown seller:

But it´s just sad if (and I have no reason not to believe your opinion) the signad photo also is a fake. Because it´s offered by UACC & AFTAL dealer Arundel Autograph Gallery, which I always have considered being one of the most trustworthy dealers out there...

Hello to you all. It is written the above are offered by Arundel Autograph Gallery. I can confirm they are not nor have ever been part of our inventory. Kind regards and keep vigilant. Robert Saunders, Arundel Autograph Gallery Ltd
Hello again. I cannot find this item in my archive. However, please get in touch should you believe I sold it as I have clearly made a mistake that needs rectifying If indeed it came from myself. I have only best intentions and pleased it has been flagged up. Regards, Robert Saunders Arundel Autograph Gallery

Hello Robert, thanks for answering!

This MJ is still for sale on eBay:

And the seller claims that it comes from you, has a link to your Arundel webbpage and shows a picture of what he/she claims is your COA.

Check it out, it may be something "fischy" going on there...

Don. I have now been through all my archive and can now confirm we did sell this item. The mistake sits with me. I have bought it back and will use it in my reference library so it does not appear on the market again. Thank you pointing this out. It goes to show you should never become complacent. I believe the right thing has happened. Regards - Robert Saunders Arundel Autograph Gallery Ltd.

Great Robert, that´s the classy thing to do!!



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