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nice items

Good News Terrier

All authentic. The Jeters were pack-pulled, so obviously going to be authentic. 

Yeah just like scoreboard items were all authentic! Everything out of a pack has to be real!?! Just like everything psa or JSA authenticates is real, hey?
"Pack pulled" is totally different than something "certified" AFTER THE FACT that comes with a piece of paper. These Jeters are no question authentic.

what is your problem?  you make no sense at all.  are you saying that the jeters  in this discussion are fake, in your expert opinion?  you posted two jeter fakes in another discussion asking if they were real. now you are trashing everyone?  

I asked an opinion of one I sent to Yankee stadium(that i said I questioned) and another that I can get my money back(and questioned)...and everyone started saying sh't to me! So don't play it off like I'm the bad guy! I asked an opinion and got smart azz comments. You guys are like a little groupie collective on here. It's evident on whose two cents only matter! Maybe you guys should get a job with these third parties since you all have the eye for what's real & fake?!?!?

Whats worse people giving an opinion when asked or people who beg for one and cry when its not what they want to hear? 

And the point is if everything from one company ie scoreboard is all of a sudden deemed fake how can UD, Topps, etc all get the respect that everything that's pulled from a pack is authentic?? That's what I was getting at! But just like every opinion that comes from JSA or psa is suppose to be the end all say all....and per some of the's(their opinion) evidentially is not!

Scoreboard and UD operated in different ways. As soon as you took away the little Scoreboard certificate of authenticity from a Scoreboard item, the item was basically in authenticity limbo with that same certificate often paired with forgeries.

On the other hand, UD product and autographs are often inseparable. For items like this, you have the actual card and autograph as one, whereas products like jerseys have holograms whereas Scoreboard items did not. 

Well mr know nothing let me explain. Scoreboard coas have been reprinted by forgers for the past 15 years. have a printer? Than you have a scoreboard coa.

Topps places these cards in pack in another country and ships them here. The autograph cards look different (usually with a stamp) therefore making it REALLy had to fake the card THEN the autograph. 

So I assume now that you been shown how you will shut up ? I bet not lol Just because you can't spot a fake autograph dont make you stupid, but arguing with people who can and have really isn't a good look. 

And trashing everyone? Really?? Over-exaggerate much!!



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