To clarify, I mean what is the market value of autographs by living personalities who perform hundreds of signings if not thousands every year.


1. Author Signed book of Bill Clinton

2. Author Signed book of President Obama

3. Foreign dignitaries such as Autograph of Chinese President Xi or Russian Putin

Would these rate under $99 each because they are so widespread and still available through little pursuit ?

I have been to Dharmsala whenever I felt like it. Many times it is very easy to be face to face with H.H. Dalai Lama. Would his autograph be valuable on auction or is it too common to be sold at a profitable price.

Just trying to understand the "Market" and its "demand / supply" based pricing.

Best wishes,

Ujjwal Dey

Mumbai, India.

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I believe that every name you mentioned can sign books all day long for weeks and still not reach the tipping point of the supply outweighing the demand.

World Leaders is a huge subsection of the autograph market, and with so many secretarial and machine signed items in the marketplace , the demand for authentic signatures from these men would still have customers paying much more than the $99 that you mentioned.

This is being said by someone who doesn't collect world leaders, and likely never will. 



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