Various six Elvis Autographs from the same ebay seller. What do you all think? Thank you all.

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I asked him about one that was signed to Judy in his book...I saw it for sale..i asked him if it was genuine..he replied this...he just did a book I guess but didn’t guarantee they were all real..why would he..

In which book is the to Judy Autograph? Thank you.

Elvis army trilogy vol 2

Could you please post it here? Thanks. 

Good Morning!

I guess Danny means this one here from the A. Roth Book. 
It may be questionable, but still the Book provides dozens of in person autographs to compare...

What do you think?



Yes Markus just posted it.... The point I was getting at was how many more in the book did the author think were maybe not real but he still included them... The Judy one I think was real.. Just the pen was skipping in the cold I guess .. All I was saying is, don't treat the book ones as 100 percent genuine every autograph.  Lots are real you can tell ... Which are real and which aren't?

Don't treat the book as an exemplar study .

Thank you for posting it. Like you, this could be real. But most important don‘t treat the book as an autograph study. 

For me to Judy is real...

These are garbage 

Which ones? All? Including the Judy?

To Judy is real... the last one

It is real..I owned it, at one point, and got it confirmed by rich consola  and Roger...but this guy knows it all I guess ...



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