Vintage Chicago White Sox Team Baseball Autograph Year ID

While cleaning up my parent's house (they are moving) I found this old baseball. This used to be sitting on my grandma's shelf. My dad said that it was probably signed by the 1930s/1940s Chicago White Sox MLB team. 

I was just wondering if anyone knew exactly what year this is/who signed this baseball? 



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Are you sure that all of the siignatures were from a single season?  While you have long standing Sox players like Luke Appling (1930-1950) and Ted Lyons (1923-1942), a few players had a much shorter tenure.  Monte Stratten played from 1934-1938 and Pete Appleton (Jablonowski) only played from 1940-1942.  The lack of overlap confuses me although it is possible that I am wrong about Appleton’s signature.

I am not 100 percent sure the history behind this :( So I am not sure. 

Could you take a closeup of the signature below Monty Stratten, please?

Unfortunately, this is back at my parent's house so it may be a bit before I can do that :( So sorry! 

1940.  Stratton was a coach.

That would explain it, terrier.  Well done.

I did ask more history behind this ball. Apparently my great-grandfather managed a famous country club in Chicago in the 30s/40s. Lots of famous people came (including the White Sox and he got their autos. So it might not be the same year!

After reviewing the signatures and the roster, I agree with terrier’s conclusion, 1940.



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