Vintage TTM's - Need some additional eyes to weed out possible secretarials

Hello there,

Rhoda and Harvey received a number of TTM's in the 1950's in 4x6 and 5x7 form. The autopens and stamped autographs were easy to spot under magnification and I've removed all those. I've compared the rest against the equivalent in person signatures and removed anything that looked secretarial. The two galleries in the link below contain some of the autographs that have so far passed my sniff test. I'm hoping to get some additional pairs of eyes to look at these and give feedback on anything that looks questionable so I can remove them from the gallery.

On that note, I've got a very early Clint Eastwood 4x6 from the late 1950's that looks nothing like his regular signature. I pulled that a while back as I thought it was a secretarial. Then, in season 2 of Strange Inheritance, there was an episode called 'The Autograph Hound' that features Jack Custer's collection. In that episode, they featured what they thought was Clint Eastwood's first autograph. The signature looked just like the one I have. I'll track that down and post to the gallery once I can find it.

These images are hidden from the main image gallery as I consider them quarantined until proven authentic.

Thanks much.


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