Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for accepting me into the forum.

A friends mom worked as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas in the early to mid-50's.  She would keep postcards on her and would collect some autographs when she encountered a celebrity.  She gave them to my friend and he recently flew home with them and ask that I make her an offer.  Once I saw them I was floored.... Ed Sullivan, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Jerry Lewis, Danny Thomas....

There are two I can't identify, one I believe is Marlene Dietrich - the other I was hoping someone could help me identify.

I am posting all of them on here, and am also curious what would be a fair offer to my friend's mom.

Thank you!


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You have Dietrich correct. Don't know about the third one.

Hard to give you an idea on value as it would depend on all the names and condition of the cards. So far, the most valuable would be the Martin & Lewis signatures. I believe they are worth more as a pair than separately. Pencil makes them worth less than if they were signed by a pen.

Thanks Joe!

Really appreciate your input.  Everything is in pencil and the cards are in good shape, hopefully someone might be able to chime in on that mysterious one. 



Mike, I agree with you that the cards that I have seen so far have been well preserved. Back in the day many signatures were in pencil.

Hello again,

I just wanted to see if anyone might have any luck identifying this rouge signature?  I still can't figure out who it is.  It would be an entertainer of some sort in the mid-50's and was signed in Las Vegas at that time.  

Again, appreciate everyone's help with this mystery! :)



Orson Welles.

The loop at the top of the second name is from another signature. Not a great example but the best I could do with the photo editor that I have on this phone. Hopefully it's him, Scott

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Danny Thomas?

Last is Danny Thomas.

I saw Danny Thomas but the one that said he still need help identifying was a different card and different signature. I could be wrong about that though. It might not be Orson Welles anyway but I thought it might be worth a shot.

Hi Scott!

Thanks again for responding.  This post got a little old, but I think you may be correct.  It appears his signature changed quite a bit over the years and perhaps this is Orson Wells!

Thanks again!


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