For the second time in a row, I'm posting in the wrong place.  But this time, I couldn't find the buy/sell link.  Steve - feel free to move this to the correct area, with my apologies.  Anyway, selling this for $400 + shipping.  It's very nice, and anything with a Richard Wright signature is special.  I found something else that I really like and am trying to raise a little cash.  Let me know if you have an interest.  Thanks!

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I am interested please pm me!

Hi Christopher, I might have interest but what are all those lines dead center - under the ink?Scratches or? They are straight and random?

Hi Eric,

LP is sold to Patrick1977.  We intend to complete the transaction tomorrow, and I must ship to Germany.  If for any reason, this transaction doesn't go, then I'll be in touch.  Yes - they are thin, fine scratches, straight and random, which until you pointed them out, I'd never noticed.  From more than about 2 feet away, these are not visible.  And it came that way, so no idea at all how they happened.  

Congratulations :) 



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