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What a Fool Believes by Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers) - Signed

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Thanks for posting. Really hoping for a US based company soon. Almost $70 for this one shipped. 

No worries, who doesn’t like a bit of the Doobie Brothers? Fingers are crossed for you :) 

Thanks! Won tickets to see them last year - didn’t have any expectations going in but was blown away by how good he still sounded. Have been waiting for this one ever since haha

Yeah, of course. I’d definitely expect that. You had to have talent back in the 70s and 80s as recording music in the studio was expensive, meaning limited takes. Must’ve been a great gig.

I was interested, but can't justify $38 for shipping for 1 copy. Here's hoping it pops up elsewhere.


Ditto.  The shipping is higher than the cost of the book. 

And if you find another book that doesn't help. The shipping jumps to 50 GBP (about $63.40)

And it's a book plate, if I recall.

Just picked up a copy from Sound of Vinyl for around $43 shipped to the US. Hopefully I can find a cheaper copy stateside closer to the release date, but this was worth it to me. https://thesoundofvinyl.com/products/what-a-fool-believes-a-memoir-...

Thanks for the link. $43.99 shipped to the US is also worth it to me. Coles way overcharges for international shipping.

If you sign up for the mailing list they send you code: HELLOSOV10 that gets you  10% off 

Interestingly, it says 
Limited edition hardback book signed by Michael McDonald & the co-author Paul Reiser. So a nifty bonus.  

It doesn't show a limit.  And shipping doesn't seem to change adding multiples.  So in theory, if you did 3 it'd be like $95.97-9.60+$12 shipping. So like $98.37ish for 3 copies or like $32.79 per copy And they are $32 before tax at B&N unsigned. 

I read somewhere they only have like 300 for pre-order  So the question is will they cut back orders or have enough to fulfill the orders they get.



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