What Should I Sell These For on Ebay? Michael, Janet, and producer Quincy Jones

I was thinking of listing these for $1,000 for all three on eBay. The Michael signature is hard to see, unless you look at it in the light. Janet Jackson personalized it to no one in particular, just to "Good Times." And Quincy drew a music note under his signature.

Can anyone give me advice on what to sell these for? Michael isn't in my wheelhouse.

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Wheelhouse? I'm not even on the boat! But the theme to Sanford and Son was great!

That Janet is signed like that because the LP that single(?) appears to come from came out 4 days before. That is cool.

Dated items have always been interesting to me -- own a lot of "lined and dated" signed books myself, and it's usually tied in to a book launch. Very few creators tend to date everything they sign, so there might be a premium, particularly in relation to the release date of the EP listed above.

QJ signed prices have come down somewhat -- usually hovering in the $50-75 range for a straight sig.

Exactly what I was getting at - a premium for Janet.

Does selling the 3 together help me with a higher price realized? I've been told before, when it comes to collectibles, people want the one item and that's what they're paying for. So bundling doesn't do any good. But, I have offered the Michael Jackson album a few times, and since the signature isn't super bold, people decline. So I thought packaging with his sister and producer, makes it more enticing on eBay.



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