Who is the most famous person that you have obtained their autograph from?

Pamela Anderson, doris day.

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Audrey Hepburn, wine for 2 at a closed Unicef party c. 1990/91 for wrap of Diary of Anne Frank

Roger Federer.

Bill Clinton, and I shook his hand...when he was President in 1993 in Topeka, Kansas.

And during the campaign in 1992, I even jogged with him on the front row of people.  There was literally one person in-between us while jogging.  I was that close.  There were news crews riding in a truck in front of us and filming while we jogged. It was for a fundraiser for an infant with cancer in the Kansas City area.

Unfortunately, Clinton was in better shape than I, and I ended up dropping back after a few minutes.  Lol.  But I can say I once went jogging with a future President!  

I also met Wilt Chamberlain twice and got his autograph twice...and once for free!  I also got to have my picture taken with him...for free.  The Big Dipper could not have been nicer.  Both times were just a great experience.

My very first non-show, in-person autograph acquisition was from the All-Time Home Run King (and he still is) Hank Aaron.  It was in 1975 when he was playing for the Milwaukee Brewers before a game against the KC Royals.  I was 10, and I felt like I had won Powerball!  

The year before in 1974, I had met Mickey Mantle at a show and got his autograph for $10!

Music: Mick Jagger

Sports: Pelé

Matt damon was in the same shop as me 2 months back but I didn't bother.

Nice!  I’d love to meet Mick!

A few that come to mind that  have met are Rihanna, Wayne Gretzky.

Nice, DP.  Rihanna has two songs that I really like...a lot, Only Girl (In the World), and Disturbia.  I have others that I listen to occasionally, but those are my favorite two.

Rihanna does the best meet and greet with fans she gives them a big cuddle etc while Avril lavegne will stand arms distance away from fans.

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